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When You Enter Evans From Hamburg On Route 20 You Are Welcomed By A Sign And An Illegal Pile Of Manure!

This Pile Of Manure Is A Violation Of Town Code - CHAPTER 200 SECTION 9. (Click Here To Read The Code) Why Wont Town Officials Enforce The Laws? The Lawrence Children Are Sick. Its Time To Tell The Town Board To Enforce The Law!

  There Is An Electric Fence On The Property Line Where Children Play.
Why Won't The Building Inspector Enforce The Building Codes And Demand This Fence Be Moved And The Electric Turned Off?

Race Track Illegally On The Property Line!
No Room For A Fence To Be LEGALLY Erected!

The Lawrence Children Can't Even Play Safely In Their Own Yard.
Neighbor's Horses Get Away From Trainers And Romp Through Their Yard!
At The Town Hall, In Front Of Several Residents, Councilwoman Karen Erickson Stated That She Knew Nothing About These Nothing About Problems Regarding The Horse Training Track. This Issue Was Written About In The Towns Legal Newspaper And The Sun News. Ed Gleason Has Been Attending Town Board Meetings Seeking Help. (Click Here!) Its Unfortunate That Councilwoman Erickson Is Part Of The Problem And Not The Solution. Why Are Residents Forced To Pin Their Hopes On The Remember In November Solution?

As This Pond Melts And More Rain Falls, The Water Is Illegally Piped Via Conduit To The Lawrence (And Gleason) Property.
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Town Officials Have Inspected This Illegal Drainage System But Refuse To Enforce The Law And Order Corrective Action!

The Top Layer Of The Track Is Build With Crushed Stone, A Known Carcinogen. The Lawrence Boy Has Developed Respiratory Problems Since Moving To Evans.

Hardwood Trees Like These Don't Grow In Swamps.

If The Town Won't Enforce The Law, This Forest Will Slowly See Most Of Its Trees Die.

Look At The Collection Of Medicines That The Lawrence Family Has To Take Since Moving To Evans. NONE Were Needed When They Lived In Lackawanna!


When They Lived In Lackawanna, The Lawrence Children (When Sick) Would Ask Denise Lawrence Why She NEVER Got Sick. She Would Tell Them That Mommies Never Get Sick. Within A Few Months Of Moving To Evans, Most Of The Lawrence Family Got Sick And Are Still Sick.

Gary And Denise Lawrence Thought They Had Found Their Dream House In Evans. Now They Are Living The Nightmare On Southwestern Boulevard!

The Actions, Or In This Case The Inactions, Of The Town Board Members, The Town Attorney And The Building Inspector, By Not Enforcing Town Codes, Have Led To Health Issues For The Lawrence Family. Crushed Stone Dust (A Known Carcinogen) And E Colli Problems Most Likely Due To Manure Dust Being Spread By The Wind And In The Ground Water Are Likely Causes Of Their Problems.

Town Board Members Have The Time To Take Care Of Their Friends And Family.
Its Time They Make Time To Help The Lawrence And Gleason Families.