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Open Meetings Law State Open Meetings Law
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1.  Effective immediately, §103 of the Open Meetings Law requires that public bodies make reasonable efforts to hold meetings in rooms that can “adequately accommodate” members of the public who wis More ...
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Questions & Answers

Freedom of Information Law FAQ >>
The most frequently asked questions about the public's right to government records.

Open Meetings Law FAQ >>
The most frequently asked questions regarding the public's

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Open Meetings Law Case Summary

The following consists of an alphabetical listing of judicial determinations involving the interpretation of the Open Meetings Law that may be of precedential value. The listing includes a brief summa

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Public's Participation

In this regard, we note that although the Open Meetings Law provides the public with the
right “to observe the performance of public officials and attend and listen to the deliberations
and decisions

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Meeting Rules

Item 9) indicates that individuals “will have up to 5 minutes to speak to the Board.”  In my opinion, 5 minutes may be unnecessarily long, particularly if there are many speakers.  More typical is a l

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Equal Opportunity To Speak

In the context of your inquiry, assuming that the Board of Trustees and/or the Mayor as presiding officer permit those who wish to speak to do so for a particular period of time, each person who wishe

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