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Advisory Board First Name Last Name Member Type
Agricultural Board Paul Michalec Chairman
Agricultural Board Jeneen Hill Liaison
Agricultural Board Russell Barten Member
Agricultural Board Joe Kwilos Member
Agricultural Board Cheryl Caughel Member
Agricultural Board Vicky Kurek Member
Agricultural Board Gary Sager Member
Agricultural Board Councilman Mike Schraft Liaison
Board of Assessment Review Paul Michalec Chairman
Board of Assessment Review Jennifer Renaldo Secretary
Board of Assessment Review Tim Majciejewski Member
Board of Assessment Review Jeff White Member
Board of Assessment Review Kimberly A. Hulburd Member
Board of Assessment Review Chris Tucker Member
Climate Smart Committee Paul Michalec Chairman
Climate Smart Committee MIke Schraft Liaison
Climate Smart Committee Mark Gardner Member
Climate Smart Committee Supervisor Mary Hosler Liaison
Community Event Board Katherine Nytz Member
Community Event Board Melissa Green Member