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Advisory Board First Name Last Name Member Type
Sturgeon Point Advisory Board Frank Rademacher Chairman
Board of Assessment Review Jennifer Renaldo Secretary
Zoaning Board of Appeals Jennifer Renaldo Secretary
Sturgeon Point Advisory Board Paul Reyerse Sr. Member
Agricultural Board Gary Sager Member
Economic Development Committee Don Schiedel Jr. Member
Senior Advisory Board Barbara Schmitt Member
Veterans Committee Councilman Mike Schraft Liaison
Conservation Committee Councilman Mike Schraft Liaison
Recycling Committee Solid Waste Councilman Mike Schraft Liaison
Ethics Committee Councilman Mike Schraft Liaison
Agricultural Board Councilman Mike Schraft Liaison
Climate Smart Committee MIke Schraft Liaison
Planning Board Ann H. Sellers Member
Ethics Committee William Sills Jr. Member
Sturgeon Point Advisory Board David Sippel Vice Chairman
Sturgeon Point Advisory Board Thomas Smaldino Member
Planning Board William Smith Member
Zoaning Board of Appeals Tracy Spada Member
Senior Advisory Board Veronica Sullivan Member